Our in-house facilities create diverse designs that are highly functional and reflect the look and image that best suits your company.

We also custom design and build fire control buildings plus coolroom and storage / warehouse facilities for vineyard purposes.

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It's easy to see our difference in quality and experience with the design and construction of a Williams River Steel Industrial Building.

Specialised features such as overhead cranes, gantry cranes, and monorails are simple inclusions to your project.

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Car Dealerships

Williams River Steel has a vast history in the design and construction of motor industry facilities ranging from basic workshops to complete

state of the art showrooms. With such clients as Ford Australia, Holden, Nissan and Toyota, to mention a few.

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Covered Outdoor Learning Areas

In excess of 300 COLAs have been built for schools along Australia’s east coast.

Massive spans from 6 to 48 metres clear can stand-alone or be attached to your existing structure.

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Aircraft Hangars

With over 20 years experience in supplying and constructing aircraft hangars, our designers incorporate all relevant wind terrain codes

essential for engineering your hangar. Whether your clear span is 8 to 80 metres we can accommodate your requirements.

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Specialised Projects

• Skillion Roof Buildings Standard Sizes
• Gable Building Sizes Standard Sizes

• Cold Formed Steel
• Fabricated Steel

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Welcome to the difference

For over 30 years Williams River Steel have strived to become one of Australia's largest suppliers of customised and prefabricated buildings and shelters.

Williams River Steel is one of the few companies with an extensive array of in-house design, manufacturing and construction services.

From rural, industrial and commercial, to aircraft hangars, vehicle dealereships, recreational and public schooling  -  all have benefited from our ability to customise building solutions to an individual site and budget.

Discover the Williams River Steel difference.

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